Running with my dream

I’m running
as fast as I can
lungs pumping furiously
sweat glistening over my forehead
as I run furiously
to reach the magical Nerf products
that I must attain
before everybody else.

I push
over anybody who stands in my way:
my eyes on the prize,
victory within my fingertips.

I look ahead me and
I see my parents
are pushing people out of their way
so that I have a clear path
and as I see them throw people around
I get this sudden feeling that
we are a powerful family
that nobody can mess with.

I can see their crazy smiles on their faces
helping out their only son reach his object of desire
proud of their only son and the dreams he will conquer.

As I keep running
I realize that something is wrong
that none of this actually happening
that none of this is actually real
that I’m caught in my own dream
and as I become aware
of my own fabricated world
I stop

I stand still.

My parents look at me in bewilderment
and I look back at them in sorrow
knowing that in reality,
the three of us
could never be this happy together,
we could never be this powerful family
that my dreams set us out to be.


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