I can’t stop staring at my own earwax,
the earwax that I pick out
with my handy dandy earwax picking tool.

I get super excited when I retrieve
large flaky earwax chunks
admire them for a few minutes
and wonder how such a large mess
was ever formed in my ear
in the first place.

I know.

It’s incredibly filthy and disgusting
to be in awe over my own earwax.

But I just can’t help wonder
wonder that these shedding pieces
these leftovers
were once a part of us
and were forcibly removed
by our own will
and determination
to be clean, sensible human beings.

My dirty earwax makes me think of
all the aspects in my life
that I consider to be dirty, filthy,
no value to the world
other than to be scrapped.

But before it gets thrown away
perhaps it can be admired
perhaps it can even be saved
and be reborn into
something beautiful.


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