Bananas make me poop

I always wondered
for the past 23 years
why on particular mornings
or really, any part of the day
that I suddenly have the urge
the urge to take a massive
yet pleasantly smooth
poop dump.

It’s not because
I ate something bad
and I go through
the constipated tango
my body gives me the bad aches;
the signs of an uncomfortable date
with the toilet
and repeated kisses
from the toilet paper.

But no,
these are pleasant dumps
but dumps nevertheless
that clean out my system
and of course, it is never convenient
when I’m in a car driving
stuck in traffic
with my bowels yelling at me.

I found the culprit finally
and it takes the form
of a yellow phallic fruit
we like to call

The Banana is a powerful fruit
that I look now in awe
fully aware that a single one
can cleanse me out
like a new prisoner being hosed down
while butt naked
and then cavity searched.


One comment

  1. josie · October 14, 2010

    i enjoy poo stories.

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