this poem makes no sense

I am a frazzled angry dazed bear
jumping into a field of Cinnabons
to smother himself with the
intoxicating brown sugar,
sinful white sugar cream,
delectably soft bread rolls,
and its coma-inducing sweet smell.

I open my jaws wide in shuddering glee
devour the Cinnabons running around me
stuffing my stomach with its bliss
until I reach the limit of my body
that I so deliberately ignore
until I explode
into a flurry of
confused and chaotic dustbunnies



  1. PG · October 8, 2010

    i! want! cinnabons!

  2. Jingle · October 9, 2010

    but it makes a lot of sense to me.
    fabulous word flow.

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