Finding the Humanity

Isn’t it just fascinating
that Facebook is now
a tremendous force
to be reckoned with?

How a small college friendship site
has become the go-to social means
for which society depends upon
for nearly everyday social interactions?

I acknowledge that I have depended on
this little social networking site
for things beyond just keeping up
with classmates I haven’t spoken to
in over 10 years
with college acquaintances that
most likely I will never talk to again
with ex-girfriends and hookups
that I immediately defriend in awkwardness.

Facebook has become my official means
to getting to know the vast number of people
here in this City of Angels
but after a while of constantly
status updating
and liking
I have lost the humanity of it all.

In a place where it thrives on “connection”
I needed something more than just
artificially knowing what’s going on
with another person’s life
beyond just staring at their picture albums
and status updates that tell me only
a tip of the vast iceberg that is their life
a life that I will not bother to explore further.

I lost myself in the mad networking of information
and me, who has been considered a Facebook whore,
has disconnected myself from the whole thing
and now
there is a freedom I have never felt before
where I am motivated to get to talk to people
more so than ever people in a way
that I truly want to get to know them
and encourage others to do the same.

We still got our phones
we still got our emails
we still got our lives
each other
so while I may ponder
on the possibility of returning
I got my own life to live
and I’ll live it to its fullest
without the interruption
of any trivial status updates
that can put a 142 character limit
on my life right here.


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