An Open Letter to the Goddess of Asian American Art

To my dear beloved Goddess,

I just want to make it clear
that I have the utmost respect for you
and sincere appreciation for your beauty.

Because of you, thousands have dared
to express themselves openly,
reveal their souls and demons,
and challenged the expectations of society
to be something more than
doctors, lawyers, and accountants.

For that, I love you
and will always love you.

But I must be frank with
what I must say next
and if I hurt your feelings,
it is not my intention to do so
so please listen to what I have to say
because it is only out of love that I say this:

As beautiful as you are,
I feel your beauty does not truly shine
for you have many followers
who create art in your name
but fail to put their heart & soul into it;
they declare their devotion to you
only because of your origins
and not because of your divinity.

But the worst part of it all
is that you encourage them to do so
because you don’t want to hurt their feelings
for you are far too gentle and concerned.

I know our community is few and small
but if we are to truly excel in this world
we cannot succeed in our mission
of spreading the Word
when the Word stays trapped amongst us
and coated with insincerity and false praises.

Your followers declare me a heretic
for they believe I am calling you a cheap whore
but I say only what I am saying now
not out of malice or spite
but out of honesty and love
because it is I
I who have true love
that will have the courage
to speak my thoughts openly.

I say this to you
because I believe your beauty
can shine just as brightly
amongst all the Gods & Goddesses
that you are kin with,
because I believe you do not
need to be pitied
or looked down upon
but stand tall with your head held high
this can only happen when you have
the courage and the resolve
to uphold a standard that we
we as Asian Americans
must work hard to achieve
and be open to all forms of criticism.

Despite my harsh words,
know that you are my muse
who saved my life
when you extended your
gentle soft hand to pull me
out of the darkness

Remember that I am
and always will be
one of your most devoted
and honest


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