This is my apology to you
I take you for granted
when truth be told
you are the foundation
that can start off my day
to it fullest potential.

I push you off to the side
thinking that I don’t need you
but I find myself regretting my decision
every single time
when I fall asleep in nearly every class
when I feel lethargic on a day
when I should really be most productive.

I keep telling you
promising you
that I will make
more time for you
but if I do make any time
it’s with a measly cereal bowl
to show my appreciation for you.

Baby, I’m a busy man!
I can’t always love you
in grand displays of affection
through a full-course serenade
of cereal, bacon, eggs, fruits, and toast!

I hope you can understand that
every once in a while
I will shower you with so much love
that it will make my stomach and mind
be filled with energetic and divine delight
so have patience, my love.


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