To my friends

You look beyond my flaws
and love me for all that I am
while others look down on me
you look equally on me
and encourage me to achieve
the heights that you believe
that I can reach.

You and I have our share of
nasty, angry fights
fights that test our resolve
and while other trivial relationships
shatter and break from their
fragile and meaningless rapports
you and I will come out stronger
and filled with even more love
and understanding
and compassion
towards each other.

Your friendship to me
means more to me
than meeting some celebrity
or impressing those
who don’t even like me
because after all,
celebrities will fade
people who don’t like me
who are they to me, anyways?

Our friendship
forged from the rock of trust
weathered from the fire of disagreements
strenghthened from the embrace of love
is more beautiful than any
simple poem can possibly describe.

So this is a thank you
for all of you that helped
build this still-growing house
this house that is me
you mean so much to me
you move me in ways
that defy time and rationality itself.


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