The blues over Korean Girls

Korean girls, you’re so goddamn hot
but why ya’ll such a difficult lot?
I just want to ask you for a dance
but you look at me as if I got no chance.

Am I such a bore, an unseeming disgrace?
Is there a huge hairy spider on my face?

Oh Korean girls, how you taunt me so
you make a man like me feel so low
I do my best and be courageously bold
but ya’ll are just too damn icy cold.



  1. Rachel Roh · September 14, 2010


  2. K. Sao · September 23, 2010

    hah… how many others would agree…

  3. Linda · June 8, 2011

    Are Korean girls really that difficult?? I should be glad now as my boyfriend in Korea for business & should I trust him???

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