You ever have dreams that you want to be
someone that is like you
but not quite like you?
someone that is pretty much
a better version of you?

These days of late,
I’m getting these dreams
I dream them so frequently
that it invades into my everyday life
when I’m driving and getting stuck in traffic
when I’m staring at the ceiling in my room
imagining and pondering
scenarios and situations
that I would like to be in
people and lovers
that I would like to be with
physique and personality
that I would like to be PERIOD
I hold these dreams in my mind
for as long as I can
refusing to accept my reality.

As I teeter onto the edge of despair
from the disparity of comparing
my dreams
my reality
the better part of me kicks in
yanks my wishful part of me
and slap him in the face senseless,
leaving me dazed
slightly bruised
and back onto track
of turning my dreams
my reality.


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