A perspective of hatred against Muslims

they got no place in our country
Our red, white, and blue
our home
our haven.

These Muslims
these towel heads
these savages
these motherfuckers

They all deserve to die
don’t tell me that it’s only Al-Qaeda
I’m not going to listen to that
it’s their religion
something is wrong
with their religion
to create all these
suicide bombers
women stoners
emotionless monsters.

Do you see the news of what their religion preaches?
these news tells me Jihad is their holy struggle
their holy struggle to kill us all
to kill in the name of their Allah
but I don’t need the news to tell me
why my mother isn’t here with me.

Did you see the footage of the people
jumping off the burning towers?
My mother was one of those people
Muslims were responsible for this
for my mother to take the plunge
that would smash her body into bloody pulp
this is my proof that Muslims are monsters.

Don’t bring up any comparisons
that Christians have their own violent sects
that lynched, killed, and burned
countless Jews, blacks, Asians
over a span of hundreds of years
my mother wasn’t killed by Christians
they were killed by Muslims
and that is all there is to know.

Don’t bring up any attempts
to convince me that there is a deeper meaning
to what Jihad truly means
it doesn’t matter
my mother was killed by their Jihad
and that is all there is to know.

Don’t tell me that these Muslims
are people just like me
feel pain just like me
cry just like me
love just like me
laugh just like me
the more I can blame them
for the reason
why my mother isn’t here right now
the better I can feel about myself
comfort in my own hatred
and that is all there is to know.

That is all there is to know.



  1. eikichilane · August 28, 2010

    Careful there Edward. You may have opened yourself up here for some hate mail. The true Muslims dont believe in the Jihad, its the Muslim extremists. Just be careful who you piss off.

  2. eddlyhong · August 30, 2010

    if you read the poem in the most literal sense, then you will see it as me being a complete racist who truly does wish that all muslims should die,

    now if you look at it from a perspective of someone who isn’t me but from the perspective of those who are full of hate and misunderstanding of Muslims as we dig into the possible motivations for such negative emotions, then maybe we will see a bigger picture..

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