Once in a while
I get into this mood
as if lighting struck me
lit a fuse inside of me
and then all of a sudden

I am just filled with the most spectacular, life-changing idea that just sounds so damn good in my head that I must not let it simmer it must burn and burn brightly I don’t care about grammar checkpoints Fuck grammar checkpoints because I got the most spectacular, life-changing idea in the entire freaking world and that’s all that matters so wait, what? You want me to slow down? I’m trampling over you? Fuck you if you think I’m being impulsive or being a punkass because I got momentum that you can only imagine and energy that you can only dream of so move over Rover and let Edward take over so shut the hell up and just let me do my thing wait shit what am I supposed to do with this idea?

Let me start over.

I got an idea
please sit with me
let’s drink some tea
I’ll share it with you
not trample it on you
so please tell me
what you think.


One comment

  1. K. Sao · September 13, 2010

    ithink its… explosive, indeed. –ks

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