What I Basically Want to Say Is…

Just saying this poem out loud
feels like I’m yanking wet cement
I can’t seem to put into words
what I’m trying to say of what I feel
everything sounds so damn stilted
I feel like a 6th grader just thinking about this
this is just sounding really weird now
okay take a deep breath and breathe.

What I basically want to say is

I think I like you.

You defy the standards in which I look for
you’re beautiful in all the ways I don’t expect
intelligent, funny, smart, and insanely charming
I laugh at all of your random, weird quirks
you laugh at some of my random, weird quirks
and simply put,
it’s a pleasure just to
hang out with you.

I guess I’m just putting this out there
because I’ve been held back by this inertia
for far too long, bottled by insecurity and fear
I need to put this out into words
so I can at least let myself know
that this isn’t some hot air I’m feeling
that there is more to this sensation
than just some quick gratification
that this is the real deal
delivered in this flimsy poetic schpeal.


What I basically want to say is

I think I like you.


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