My Verse in Life

I remember this quote from Dead Poets Society,
where the teacher John Keating tells his students:

“That you are here – that life exists, and identity;
that the powerful play goes on
and you may contribute a verse.
What will your verse be?”

When I first watched this movie
back in the confusing years of adolescence
or any muse of self-expression
simply did not have a place,
there was just no room.

The room was unfortunately occupied,
occupied by some dumb guy
who called himself Self-Hatred
he never paid rent,
but made very loud noises
and destroyed everything in our room,
which included my favorite teddy bear
and cherished memories of genuine happiness.

He was such a destructive and annoying entity
that i couldn’t let out a free thought
or feel safe around him
and while this movie quote was awe-inspiring
The awe could not find its place in me
once again,
no available room
no available freedom.

Years later
with the lousy roommate kicked out
by my shiny boot of confidence
the room is now available
for this beautiful quote
to decorate the room
with its infinite skilled fingers.

I now know what my verse will be
to the point that if
I die a year from now
I surrender myself
to my words
my self-expression
my creation that will be


One comment

  1. somewhere else · August 25, 2010

    …in every soul is the seed of eternal……

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