Love Thy Own Poems

you just can’t help
but compare your poems
to that of others
and wonder to yourself
how much cooler it is
to read any other poem
than your own.

You tell yourself:
It has more depth,
It’s more powerful,
It flows better,
It’s just simply

There’s a shield too
a shield of disassociation
when you read works
other than your own
you can avoid the judging ears
that sharpen like exacto knives
as soon as it is revealed
that what you are about to perform
is something that was birthed by you.

But your poems
are like your children
they may not be as pretty
or as talented as your neighbors’
(and in this case, your neighbors
are well-renowned spoken poets)
you may feel embarrassed to bring them out
but in the end
they are your children
they are your poems
they came from you
they came from your memories
they came from your blood & tears
they are your joy, your pride, and your sorrow
step up and love your poems.


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