Yet Another Love Poem

I can’t put it any other way than this
You are the one that I think about
The one source that makes the worst of days
Become the best.
With the sound of your voice
Or a simple hello,
I am compelled to be the best that I can be.

In a world full of uncertainty and doubt
My affection for you may not be love
But what I do know is that whatever I do feel
I would do anything to take the chance

The chance to take you out and get to know you better
To hear your voice, your laugh, admire everything about you
And I would be exactly where I want to be

The two of us may last a lifetime, a year, several months
Or just a single date
But the thought of you alone
Defies any rational sense of expectation
Of what the future may hold for us.

I’ve been hiding in the shadows of your perception
And I am afraid that when I reveal myself
I will expose myself to danger and harm

But for you, I throw my fear away
For you, I will become a fiery comet
Blazing across the starry sky to reveal how I feel
Fully anticipating that I might wither away
In your rejected atmosphere

So if you let this fiery comet enter your heart
Even if only for a brief second
I will show you that my feelings for you are genuine and real
Brightly, passionately, and with the utmost conviction
The way only a fiery comet can show how.



Let it be known
that this poem once meant something
but now as I utter them again
let it be known
that I am completely
full of shit
as I regurgitate these mushy words
words of grandeur and wonder
wonder that I don’t have
in my heart right now.

I know this for a fact
because these words
once meant something
but I used the same words
for the next relationship
and for the relationship
after that one
as I conveniently
copy and pasted my affections
my lazy disingenuous affections
slapped it together, made it work
without any real investment.

I’m a complete sellout
to the higher divinity
that I once called Love
I blow up hot air in a
flimsy cheap blow-out
slap Love’s name on it,
a meet & greet sticker
to fool myself conveniently
and let that be my guide.

My attention to stay true
flitters away before me
before I can hold it in place
from one woman to another
I get bored very easily
and knowing this boredom
I have no original love poems
to share with you.


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