I see a blue-eyed baby
getting jiggy to the rhythms
of “Billie Jean”

I see a mutt dog staring
at me, more interested
in the burger in my hands
than me as a human

Surrounded by people all around me
chattering, laughing
enjoying themselves
on a beautiful Sunday afternoon
I sit here, more engaged
with my own relaxation
than the participation
I sit here, involved
but withdrawn from the
bustling energy

I close my eyes
inhale deeply
take it all in
inhale the crisp, sweet aromas
hot dogs, hamburgers cooked a lil too long
freshly baked chocolate chip cookies
perfumes of ladies looking their best
hear the sounds of sizzling and laughing
let all my other senses other than my eyes
take in the world around me.

I open my eyes
and pay attention to those
whose gaze wander around
looking for he next human interaction
to make them look busy
hungry for some connection
a form of affirmation
to escape their momentary alienation.

This is where I need to stop writing
put my pencil and papers away
look up to the lady sitting next to me
and partake in the connection.


One comment

  1. Jingle · August 26, 2010

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