Koreans, Part III

I still don’t know the language
I still don’t get the pop songs
I still don’t get the culture
I still don’t quite fit in

But that doesn’t matter anymore.

Because what I do get
is everything that truly does matter
the things that I connect with
With me and my own pride
Pride in being Korean.

I love how there is no food
that can satisfy me like some
good, rich jjajjangmyun
where I get into a childlike frenzy
get that black soy bean sauce
all over my mouth.
and lick it all up
like an eager hyperactive puppy
wagging its tail frantically.

I love how I can unleash
my inner true diva
in a light frenzy noraebang
use my voice as a vessel
a vessel for chaos
and sheer ecstatic

I love how when I look at these
beautiful, amazing women
I just go
What’s your name?

I love how I can just be
Be with my family
Be with my grandma
smell the home-cooked
sensational delights
feel simply connected
to my own heritage
to my own people
the Seoul of my identity
and just


One comment

  1. bsa · August 11, 2010

    ahh.. makes me think i should appreciate my time in korea more.

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