When I was around twenty one
I was set up with a man
by my family and his
everybody thought he was the best
the best match to be my husband
the best match to be my future
but I could not love him
I tried to love him
but I simply could not

I’m a patient woman
but not patient enough
to deal with
his temper saturated
controlling bullshit.

I don’t deal with bullshit
I can’t stand bullshit
I’m too damn educated
to tolerate with bullshit

I leave all of that
nicely tucked away in a box
to which I promptly kick over
the dusty curbside
and into the unwanted sea.

You have so many things
in common
with your father
with his bullshit
that I grow frustrated at times
slap you around in disgust
maybe throw a stapler at you
and other miscellaneous
household items.

I do this because
you remind me so much
of your father
your arrogance
your stubbornness
your punk-ass attitude
your bullshit
is just like his

In order to get through to you
and your bullshit
I must tell you about these four words
Four words that I live by:


These are the words I live by
These are the words instilled
by my mother and father
These are the words
I wish to instill in you

I hope you won’t be intimidated
by these words
I hope you won’t hide
from these words
these words are my gift to you
my one and only son
my beautiful son


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