Facebook Disconnection

Maybe I’m just being too sensitive
Maybe I care too much
But when somebody deletes me
on this gigantic social network
I get this gnawing feeling
that nibbles at me
like a squirrel nibbling on
a rotten apple pit core
that something is not right
and I can’t help but ask:
what the hell did I do wrong?

If this was real life
Where I’m looking at you
And you’re looking at me
Person to person
Physical distance and space
in between us
And we got into a huge fight
A fight so ugly, so tense
that it broke our friendship
it tore our friendship
it ripped our friendship
to the point
that our empathy
we had towards each other
was burned into ashes

That’s what I would call
a “de-friending” in the real world.

But for some reason
That’s what I feel
when somebody defriends me
on Facebook.

Now, I know what you’re thinking
It’s just Facebook
the vast impersonal social network
where connections you make
with each and every person
is as shallow as you
standing on a 3-ft shallow pool
and declaring that you’ve been
to the deepest depths of the ocean.

But dare I say
that each person I “add”
that I want to get to know
is a possibility that you may be
a friend
or an all around
beautiful human being?

I may be asking too much
but seriously!
Goddamn it.

You may think of it as
just a simple disconnect
But I’ll be left here
what the hell did I do wrong?


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