The Freeflowing Poem

I’m gonna let my mind just go
Let my fingers do the talking
Let the mind just sit and wander
Wander and marvel at the beauty
That is my life right now.

My life is beautiful
My life is wonderful
My life is powerful
My life is my own to mold.

But I don’t got any pretenses
Any grand delusions of
a life I wish I could want
I got a life that I KNOW I want
Its worth undefinable
in every single way
In every single way but one

My life is way too expensive
For your sorry ass to try to
buy me out
Silence me out
Shut me out.

I got pride in my expensive life
But I need to make it richer
So much that the only one
who can ever buy this life of mine
is a divine being so fly
that He is not also a He
but also a She
and this fly divine being
holds more than one title
of God, Allah, Yahweh
and those are just the more popular ones.

There is so much to learn
knowledge to broaden
the fortress that is my mind
enriched with bridges
made with expert ease
to connect itself in all ways
to the heart.

There are so many people to meet
People to greet
People to shake hands
People to hug
People to love
People to make love to
People to cherish
People to remember.

So I’m gonna let my mind go
but I’m also gonna let my heart go
so I can live to learn
and learn to love.


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