Protest & Creation

Food for thought:


For every protest that you make
For every wrong that you seek to address
You are tearing down
What you find so wrong in this world.

But there is nothing wrong with destruction.
Destruction is essential to Life
For it needs to exist
In order for something new
And stronger
To take its place.

Whether it’s an old decaying tree
Or an outdated ideology
Based on prejudice and racism
Born many years ago
And withering away slowly.

The time to protest has come
And so they cut down
This withering old tree
With the mobilized masses
Armed with sharp voices.

Before the protest goes too far
Before the fuel and fire is brought
Destruction must be restrained
Or it serves no greater purpose.

With destruction, there must be creation.
To replace the old ideas,
There must be new ones.
One cannot simply destroy

And simply hope
That something better
Will come.

It is here that you must bring a seed
To put forth into this world a new tree
A new idea
An idea to help change the world.


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